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RAG Austria AG

RAG Austria AG is Austria’s largest energy storage company and one of Europe’s leading gas storage facility operators. Our focus is on storage, conversion and demand based conditioning of energy in the form of gaseous energy carriers. With a storage capacity of more than 6.2 billion cubic metres of natural gas RAG Austria AG has already converted large parts of its natural gas reservoirs into storages facilities. These can supply the stored energy at any time and at high capacity. RAG is living the vision of „sustainable energy mining“ and makes a major contribution to security of supply of Austria and Central Europe. The company develops innovative and pioneering energy technologies around „green gas“ that act as partners to renewables.

RAG Austria AG is playing a vital role in achieving Austria’s ambitious climate goals, and in the sustainable stewardship of the country’s raw material and energy supplies. RAG’s goal is to provide its customers with safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable energy and gas storage services – sustainably and responsibly.

RAG Austria AG
Schwarzenbergplatz 16
A-1015 Vienna
T +43 50 724