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Forschungsverein WIVA P&G

The Wasserstoffinitiative Vorzeigeregion Austria Power & Gas (Hydrogen Initiative Flagship Region Austria Power & Gas, WIVA P&G) research association coordinates and implements the Vorzeigeregion Energie programme, which is based on a nationwide and supraregional structure with a strong international profile. As a central energy storage region, energy transportation hub and a key location for renewables, Austria is ideally placed to play the part of a flagship region for energy.

Over the coming years, WIVA P&G will demonstrate how Austrian technologies trialled on the domestic market can contribute to reducing greenhouse gases, support the Austrian economy as a key export, and aid global efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The “USC-FlexStore” project will be embedded in WIVA P&G’s information sharing activities and steps aimed at capitalising on the programme outcomes, and will also be listed on the www.wiva.at website as an associated project.


Horst Steinmüller