Underground Sun Conversion - Start

RAG is an innovative and traditional energy company focused on its core business of gas storage, developing innovative and sustainable energy solutions using its extensive underground expertise. In particular, the development of new energy technologies, through research and production of renewable gas. With the operation of a storage capacity of now approx. 6 billion cubic metres, RAG makes a significant contribution to the security of supply in Austria and Central Europe, making it one of the largest gas storage operators in Europe.

The focus of the company is clearly on the promising and versatile energy carrier „gas“. The classic, natural gas, which will make an indispensable contribution to the energy supply in the future, is only one aspect. The other is called „green gas“ - such as synthetic gas using power-to-gas technology. RAG is consortium leader and biggest investor within the flagship project „Underground Sun Conversion“. In addition to its many years of experience in the development, construction and commissioning of storage facilities, RAG brings with it the acquired expertise and insights from the project „Underground Sun Storage“.

RAG Austria AG
Schwarzenbergplatz 16
A-1015 Vienna
T +43 50 724