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Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition 2019

06/15/2019 | Report

The Australian Energy Storage Conference took place on 13th and 14th June 2019 with the participation of RAG Austria AG.

With the slogan "Energy Storage – The Great Enabler" Australia's leading commercial energy storage conference brought together the industry's brightest minds and key players actively investing in storage. This year's conference focused on current projects, technologies and processes for large-scale, commercial and microgrid energy storage applications in Australia and around the world.

Australian and international speakers discussed energy storage technology supply applications, the present and future of energy storage systems, grid scale investments and the orientation of the energy sector.

With his contribution to the RAG research projects "Underground Sun Storage" and "Underground Sun Conversion" and the topic of seasonal and large-scale energy storage, Stephan Bauer was able to contribute to the discussion among experts.

Worldwide, the interest in solutions such as those in our projects is enormous. In search for a seasonal storage option for renewable energy combined with rapid availability in an environment of growing energy demand, power-to-gas technology and secure large-volume storage in former reservoirs will be able to make a contribution.

More information can be found at https://australianenergystorage.com.au/