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Art Project Proserpina: Filming at the Research Storage Facility

08/29/2019 | Report

On Thursday, 29th August 2019, filming of the art project Proserpina took place on the premises of the research storage facility in Pilsbach/Upper Austria. The Linz media artist Johannes Deutsch approached our company in order to convince us to participate in his experimental film "The Robbery of Proserpina". Now the filming took place on Thursday 29th August 2019 at our research storage facility in Pilsbach.

What is this film or art project about?

In ancient times, myths explained why things are the way they are. The same goes for the change of seasons, which is the theme of "The Robbery of Proserpina". In the myth, Proserpina is robbed by Pluto, the god of the underworld, and has to live there. At the same time the upper world loses its fertility. In order to solve this problem, the gods agree that Proserpina only has to be in the underworld during winter.

The whole film was and is filmed at seven different locations in the Salzkammergut, among others in Bad Ischl, Bad Aussee, Traunsee, Wolfsegg and now also here at the RAG storage facility in Pilsbach.

This scene is the last one in the film and symbolizes the "wedding": The finale takes place as an imaginary wedding banquet in the underworld, but not in a cave or even in "hell". Rather, a virtual wedding party gathers around a long table in the form of a workbench. At this table, however, the invited men and women will not come up with "food and drink", but will present the bridal couple with the world of their sense, research and knowledge in the style of the biblical wise men.

At the wedding table, components and elements of the conception and construction of the research project Underground Sun Conversion and its prehistory will gradually be presented.

Our storage facility in Pilsbach was chosen because it is an "underground" project and thus symbolically fits in well with this artistic realization. The film music is made by an Upper Austrian composer. The film is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019. Performances at all film locations and a broadcast in ORF III are planned.